Photography Podcasts

I listen to several photography podcasts (probably too many)  The first is The Digital Story by Derrick Story.  Derrick’s podcast is one I truly enjoy listening to, his enthusiasm for photography is readily apparent.  He covers all aspects of digital photography for professionals and amateurs.  His “Nimble Photographer”  philosophy is one that I’m embracing more every day , carry less gear and make more pictures.  Derricks also does workshops around the country and I look forward to attending one someday

Convention on the roof of the convention center


Lunch walks

It’s one the “three sisters” brIdges , now called the Clemente bridge


Morning walk to the office

I was hoping that this morning would turn out this way.. Lots of fog coming up off the river , created some nice opportunities  for the camera.  Sixth street bridge is one of my favorites with its view to the city

Clearing Storm

A storm was clearing just as I was heading home.

river trails

Instead of the steel mills of years ago,  walking/biking trails run up both sides of the rivers .  This one along the Allegheny



Along the Rivers

Alcoa building

Alcoa building

Architects of new buildings along Pittsburgh’s rivers are designing them to reflect those rivers and I think the Alcoa headquarters building  is a beautiful example

Lunch Walks

I like to get out on my lunch hour ( haven’t started to count how many more of these I got!) .  It always takes so long to get my mind off of work that its almost time to head back before I start to really see whats around me.

These used to be so common that you didn’t notice them , now they hardly exist and blend into the background.   I’m sure there are still phone booths around, wonder if I can find one?


Pay Phone