Garage door Southside

Start of a New Day

Starting a New Day

Start of a New Day

210 Sixth Ave.

210 Sixth Avenue

210 Sixth Ave. Pittsburgh

One PPG Place

PPG Place

One PPG Place  showing the “WinterGarden”

Looking up

I try to remember when looking for a picture to look every where.  Don’t remember to do it often but this time I actually looked up.

Aliens of Pittsburgh


Walks …

Finally able to post a picture I took a while back of the Alcoa building in Pittsburgh , this time from across the Allegheny river


Streaks of light

Winter .. Blah.. Up until recently I haven’t been out during the day with work going on so night time has been it.  Years ago in my film days I took pictures by holding the camera on the dash of my car and leaving the shutter open for a few seconds and guessing an aperture.  Now i set the camera to full auto to see what it thinks the “normal”  exposure is then try to close the aperture and slow the shutter down. These are a few recent attempts which I like as it was raining while I took them.

Photography Podcasts

I listen to several photography podcasts (probably too many)  The first is The Digital Story by Derrick Story.  Derrick’s podcast is one I truly enjoy listening to, his enthusiasm for photography is readily apparent.  He covers all aspects of digital photography for professionals and amateurs.  His “Nimble Photographer”  philosophy is one that I’m embracing more every day , carry less gear and make more pictures.  Derricks also does workshops around the country and I look forward to attending one someday

Convention on the roof of the convention center


Lunch walks

It’s one the “three sisters” brIdges , now called the Clemente bridge